lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

Sofia & Barbie Deinhoffs, Schlessisches Tor

Schlessisches Tor  is located in eastern Kreuzberg, near the Oberbaumbrücke, in the Bohème quarter commonly known as SO36 (after a former postal code). Yes, and there we went to have a drink on wednesday. Our intention was to go to the music quiz in Madame Claude, but unfortunately we arrived to late and the club was already crowed.

So, we had to find another alternative. We went to Cafe Bar Sofia ( Wrangelstrasse 93).

Like so many spots in Berlin, this is part bar, part cafe, sorta gay and sorta straight. Since it's run by a queer woman though, you do see a distinct tendency for more ladies to drop by. Great for a coffee in the day or a drink at night. You may also luck in to some kind of show or performance when you drop by in the evening. Wednesdays beer happy hour. Two beers for 2,20€.Check out the bathrooM!

And the we went to the famous Barbie Deinhoffs.
"If the shocking pink decor doesn't jolt you from your senses, then everything that happens in this over-the-top queer bar will. A definite original, even in the Berlin scene, Barbie Deinhoff's brings in everybody and anybody".

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