domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Rainy sunday in Berlin

4The first place we saw was Schneiders Schokolade, in Acklerstr. With simple decoration and a special taste, it was the perfect stop to have a Schokolade & Kuchen. The cakes looked delicious (of course we tried them!) and if you're chocolate-addicts like me, you'll enjoy having a look to all the chocolate types and pralines they've got in the shop, even Catalan chocolate!!

Schneiders Schokolade

Then we decided to go to the Flewmarket in Arkonaplatz
It was raining but we started playing the Question-Game (I know some of you will know it) and it was quite fun. I bought a couple of clips and we went to have a walk to Mauerpark.

After Arkoplatz we went to a young-designer-Showroom called The Apparment in Mitte.
The Appartment Berlin

To end up the day, Jimmy Woo

...we took the metro to go back to Kreuzberg and ended up having dinner at Jimmy Woo in Friedelstrasse 24. Really nice surprise. Little cosy bar-restaurant with delicious indo/French cuisine typical from Laos and Vietnam for instance. Tasty and spicy, a really good option.

The atmosphere is really comfortable with nice music and the decoration really interesting.
Jimmy Woo


After the dinner, and having the feeling that had being a great day, I head up to Kreuzberg and went to Regis & Josh place. We sat on the sofa, we talked for a while, took my pictures and went back home.
Amazing day. I want more rainy sundays!

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Apariciones Exhibition (Boopstr.5) & Dildile Café (Dieffenbachstr.62)

The Forgotten Gallery / Boppstr. 5, Berlin (U-bahn. Schönleinstr)
Visuals, photography, installation and paintings.
Artists: Beatriz González, Dennis King, El Fulminador and Jessica Polar
Photos by: Jessica Polar