miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Art Market @ Your Mum

1An all-day event, Your Mum will be exhibiting works from local/international artists, photographers, designers, jewelers, film-makers...
Come home, chill out, have a piece of cake, check the stuff out, have a chat with the artist, have another piece of cake, find something you like, buy it, and show off saying 'I bought it at Your Mum'.

Naemeh Shirazi - (lace jewelry)
Kate Mulheron - (screen printing)
Gianluca Baccanico - (plexiglas)
Irina Gustavsson - (illustration, garments, accessories)
Javier lozano jaén - (artsy zines), Régis Lemberthe - (product design) Régißtudo - (illustration)
a&ré - (objects in concrete) Joshua Murch (photography) 
and Sarah Kelley - (upcycled jewelry)

Performers: Nicolas Worthwild - musician
Bake sale by Sophie: Strudel & Cakes, Austrian wine, Gluhwein

I have to admit I had a great time chatting with all the artists and eating cake the whoooole day.  I even bought two of Sarah’s necklaces. I love them.

Thanx Regis for the great effort!

Your Mum Berlin