domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Kiki Blofeld, Kopernicker Str.48

On Thursday we went to the Opening Party of the Biennale for Contemporary Art 2010.
The Berlin Biennial differs from a conventional art festival in that it is composed of a series of events rather than a single exhibition, and each time it changes locations and venues according to the exigencies of the exhibition: "...a strange carnival or street fair, following a jagged descent into the spirals of time". Each year the organisers select an array of unusual venues and exhibition sites. Over 60 artists attend the event working in a variety of media and techniques from etching to woodcut, animation to still photography, role-playing to team building.
The venue of the opening party was a club called Kiki Blofeld.
"This beach club of more earthy delights is great both day and night, inviting guests to play billiards under tree canopies, or sit back in the natural grassy mound love seats and garden. When night falls, step into the former boat bunker and dance, dance, dance. The place demands it.

Be it for an afternoon refresher or a late night snack, there’s always food cooking on the grill outside, and Kiki’s bar constantly supplies a well sorted list of cocktails. If being indoors just isn’t doing it for you, take advantage of the prime location and chill out along the banks of the river Spree."

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