sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Vegetarian dinner & MONARCH (Kotti)

On saturday we organised once again the vegetarian dinner for homeless people and it really turned to be a great success. The cooks: Toni, Natasa and Adam & The menu: Aubergine cream, Couscous with veggies or pasta with cabbage and as dessert chocolate muffins or canadian marble syrup pudding.

The food was delicious and around 100 people came, so we can't really complain. A special 'thank you' to all the Couchsurfers working on that evening, cause you guys did a great job!  And thanks Mark for cleaning the diches for aound 5 hours, you're great.

One of the best things of the night was Isa, Trent's daughter. I really love her. She kept helping me serving the dishes all night long, and then she draw tattoos to raise money. Amazing.After the dinner we had some beers while trying to find a place where we could hang out, and at the end we went to Monarch, which is directly in Kotti, and I had no idea about its existence..

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