jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

WEINEREI, Veteranenstr.14- Prenzlauer Berg

I met Stephan at 20.30. The waitress told us "Jetzt könnt ihr trinken bis der Artzt kommt", literally translated: "and now you can drink until the doctor comes". And it was true. SO, How does the "Weinerei" work?: "decide yourself how much you want to pay, but don't leave without paying anything!" You pay 1 Euro entrance, 1 Euro deposit for your glass and then you can drink as much wine/soft drinks/juice as you like and eat the food. From 8.30 pm on there is a buffet served which is emptied quickly!!! When you leave you pay what you think the consumed drinks/food was worth!

Cool, relaxed place with a great atmosphere.
Article from the New York Times:
Steve (Ireland) and Naomi (USA). Just amazing.

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