sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Musashi, Sushi in Kreuzberg

As a total Sushi amateur I could dare to say that Musashi is one of the best sushi places in town. Little imbiss in Kotbusser Damm, really little and usually packed. It may not seem the best option from outside to enjoy a nice meal. Once you're in, you'll think in a complete different way.  That's the real Japan.
Musashi only plays music from a cassette player, but its sushi chefs hail from the native country and clearly have full command over their cuisine. Have a look at the decoration:  pictures for beginners with the different types of sushi an sumo posters everywhere. I can´t really say it´s cheap (Its not overpriced either)  but the quality is simply, unbeatable.

5 comentarios:

  1. You must take me there next month...

  2. Eso está hecho!! :P

    Qué ganas de seguir descubriendo la ciudad contigo!!!!!!

  3. ¡Itxa! éste no lo conozco :D y casualmente se llama igual que mi favojapo de Madrid...!! Viel Spass + Küssen!