viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Farbfernseher + Sameheads

After the great active day, I decided to go out and ended up dancing nonstop. We met at 23.00 in Kotti and went to have a drink to Farbfernseher, next to Kottbusser Tor. Alexandros, which is new in the city came with us for his first night out.

Then, it was time for Sameheads. Great discovery. Little club at a basement of a creative boutique...

SAMEHEADS- Emerging talent scout boutique of creative stylings for Berlin's hipster avant guardians. Three British expat brothers opened shop to give fledgling artisans retail hospitality. Bright-eyed newcomers to Berlin's fashion, art and music orgy revel in emblematic "poor but sexy" glam-grunge emporium. In classical Berlin disdain for categorization, sibling purveyors moonlight as off-sight event planners in alternative locales, with loyal ranks among city's 24 hour party people.- SAMEHEADS
Richardstrasse 10- / U Karl-Marx-Str.

After listening to live music and dancing like crazy, it was time to go home. Although some people still wanted to go to Berghain! :p And this is the end of the story. Happy night. Happy faces.

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