martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

End of Season One

Berlin. Nöel. Mauerpark. Basketball.Glamour to Kill. Reuters book. Japanese sweets. Mojitos in Amar. Night in Teufelsberg. Miles Joseph.Exhibition in Stattbad Wedding. Cake. Lunch at the Turkish Market. Techno in Golden Gate. The Go Find @ Bang Bang Club. Berlin Festival.Club der Visionäre. Diavolo. Architecture Tour. Fashion Week and runwalks.  Hugs. Playing basketball drunk. Sofia. Picknicks in the river. Pintxos. Feelings. Brunch in Morgenland. Bar 25. Drinks in Görlitzer Park. Music quiz at Madame Claude. Swimming in Schlachtensee. Badeschiff. Prinzenbad. Emotions. Susie Asado. Oldies in Das Hotel. Raw Tempel and Boxi. Skating in Tempelhof. Editors. Rainy days. Ä in Neukölln. Farewell in Maria Peligro. Down by the river Festival. Dancing in Monarch. Tacheles. Exhibition in Bethanien. White Noise in White Trash. Concert and reading in Kafee Burger. Playing ping-pong. Abandoned ship at Planufer. Rock im Lido. Fashion WHATT!!!. Freiluftkino Kreuzberg. Canoeying in Spreewald. Martha Rose. Glogauer. Dinner at Chan. Expresso with chocolate in Luzia. B’day at Assam. Chatting with Sonnenblumenkerne in Möbel Ölfe. Christopher Street Day. Drinks in Hackescher Höfe. Opening Biennale of Contemporary Art in Kiki Blofeld. Admiralbrücke. Bobotie dinner. Drinks in Barbie Deinhoffs. Vegetarian dinners. Live Jazz at A-Trane. Weinerei with surfers. Baileys at Roses. Falling. Jumping. Beer in Franken. Thai Food. Walking around Dieffenbachstrasse. Wakeboarding. Dancing with DJ Eva. Music Festival in Glogauer. B’day at Dunckler Bar. Spelunken Tour. Independent Fan Club. Bad Taste Party. Chilly Gonzalez. Night flew market in SO36. Dinner at Papa Nô. Catpeople in Arena Glashaus. Polaroid pictures. Wackalakamacka. Fabulush in Puro Lounge. Morning donuts. I’m Mr. Brightside. Crowded Wg Parties. My fest in Kreuzberg. Dancing im Raum-18. Ping-Pong bar. Berlin Musik Week. Teufelsee. Indian Restaurants. Simon Dach Straβe. Prosecco with energy drink. Red wine in Oberbaumbrücke. Chicken wings at Joeys. Guitar in Schachtensee. Photoautomat. Children B’day Party. Beer tasting at Berliner Brauerei. Fußball in La Taquería. Neukölln Kino. Electro Rave in Mauerpark?. BBQ in Görli. Thursdays at Magnet. Tiki heart. Sonnenblumenkerne in Smyrna Kuruyemis. Yaam. Sunbathing in Landwehrkanal. Miss Saigon. Renn, wenn du kannst.

To be continued...

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