lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Berlin Festival 2010

I was really looking forward to the Festival but it ended up being a little disappointing. Although this year’s new location was quite attractive, the former airport from Tempelhof, organization wasn’t really carried out in an efficient way. They sold around 20.000 tickets when in some of the hangars just around 5000 people could fit in. And yeah, the Love Parade Ghost was appearing in Tempelhof.
Consequences: 2manyDJs, Fatboy Slim and TONS of other groups cancelled. The festival ending at 23pm instead of 7am.
On Friday, we saw Adam Green, LCD Soundsystem and Editors. No time to see Fever Ray, which was really a pity. After Editors, we tried to see Caribou (performing just for half an hour) but the access to the stages was closed due to the amount of people waiting.

For 2 am, everything was pretty much over.
On Saturday, we saw Lali Puna, great music, but I was expecting a little bit more live. The big surprise was actually Chilly Gonzalez (thanks to Steve!). I had pretty much no idea about his music and I had a great time in the concert. I have to definitely check his last work, I AM EUROPE, produced by Boysnoize Records. By the way, the guy from Boysnoize came twice into the stage and they performed a couple of songs combining piano, electro and rap. Awesome!!

After that time for Boysnoize, Peaches (Lasershow) and Hot Chip.

As always, and after seeing them 4 times live, I still think Editors where the best of this Festival, and thanks god they didn’t cancel it! ^_^

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  1. "Big surprise"?

    Did I not talk about him enough and say how good he was these last few months, or do you just not truly trust my opinion? :p

  2. Chilly merece? que rollo hace?
    que tal LCD?
    que pena Fever Ray