sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Ä NEUKÖLLN- Weserstr. 40

Cozy atmosphere, confortable sofas, good prices, interesting collection of furniture, awesome selection of beers, amazing light fittings,..
that's Ä Neukölln. Calm, relaxed atmosphere.
und dann...

RAUM-18 - Ziegrastr.18
Great surprise. "Panoramic views over Berlin are a hard thing to come by in our vertically challenged city, but this relative newcomer to the scene challenges that notion.Lodged in an industrial estate in the depths of Neukölln, Raum 18’s multi-room space—spread across an entire floor—has a sweeping view over the trash yards and hotel blocks of one of the bleakest areas of the city. "

"It’s a notoriously hard club to find. Tell tale signs that you’re on the right track are the few wandering skinny jeaned minstrels searching hopelessly around the yards and alleys of the estate, and the sound of the windows and facade of this particular building oscillating under the intensity of the sounds emanating from within. "

Yeah, actually it was quite hard to find, thanks we had a great guide, Lisa! The mixture of people, music and different spaces + great location makes this place special.Video: Raum-18 Web: http://raum18-berlin.com/

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  1. baina ze toki da hau? con jaula de grillos y tó
    hain zaila zan topatzia ala?
    ayer estuvimos viendo a los Grises. Muuu bien.

  2. zeee guaaaii!! izugarri gustatu zait lehenengo lekukko dekorazioa!