sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Der Sommer kommt endlich!!

Urbanhafen, Kreuzberg
Yesterday, after work, I went to have lunch with my roomate Lissi to the canal that is just next to our place.We had a beautiful weather, a little bit windy but still really nice! I had some asiatic food and I taught Lissi some spanish words.
Turkischer Markt, dienstag u. freitag am Maybach Ufer, Kreuzberg
----    http://www.tuerkenmarkt.de/   ----
Then, we decided to go to the Turkish Market. Which is also around the corner. At first is quite stressing but you get used to it in a few minutes. You can find wherever you're looking for, but it's mostly specialised in fruits and vegetables.

We bought ten mangos for 2€ euros, two pineapples for 1€, one kilo tomatoes for 0.99€, strawberries... it's completely crazy! Then we went to Netto to buy some vanilla ice-cream to mix it with the fruits we had bought!
This is Lissi. She is at the Admiralbrücke which has became in the last years in one of the coolest places to chill ot, have some beers & pizza, play any instrument or play chess!!  http://www.spottedbylocals.com/berlin/admiralsbruecke

5 comentarios:

  1. i like the ship :)

  2. it's just in front of my place! Actually, the ship appears in a film I saw the other day: "Was am Ende Zählt"! you would really like it, both the film and the ship! :)

  3. ikusten dut eguna ondo aprobetxatzen duzula! pozten naiz, txiki! :D

  4. gauza bat, te has quedado que en el barco hay una pintada que pone algo de Berrizeko Gaztetxia o algo así? me suena verlo cuando anduve por ahí. Por cierto, justo al lado del barco hay una heladeria con un mantekaus que te kagas!

  5. ez det ikusi, baina fijauko naz, ta mantekuana, me lo apunto! :) ikaragarria da,East Side Gallerin komentario bat dago euskaraz: "Nork ez du maite askatasuna nahiz eta esku artean leher dadin. Freedom for the Basque Country!" eta gero Kreuzbergen kartel bat ikusi nun orma baten, ta be "Freiheit für das Baskenland" uste dut mani bat zala! unglaublich! :))