lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Schlachtensee (U1 Richtung Wannsee)

Yesterday I spent the day at Schlachtensee. "one of Berlin’s most beautiful lakes resting on the fringes of the Grunewald forest. At a mere 30 minutes away on the S1 line, Schlachtensee is certainly a popular refuge from the city, but wander round the banks at leisure and you’re sure to find the perfect picnic spot. It is excellent for swimming in the calm, clear waters and also just as idyllic to rest on its grassy banks under the shade of the trees."

It was bea's birthday, so she celebrated it organizing a picnic in the lake. Lots of food, drinks, interesting people...

and even a guitar which always creates a magical atmosphere. Happy Birthday Bea!!! :)
I definitely have to come back to the lake, maybe at night. And if possible, not at the weekend. Maybe we'll have to do one of those night-lake-expeditions that Mircea is organiazing. Yes.

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